BYOB Game Night

by Andrew Tran

Andrew Tran
  1. Wine Shop

    Andersonville Wine and Spirits

    • 5201 N Clark St, Chicago, IL
    • (773) 769-0858

    You know what makes for an incredible night? Board games, comics, booze, and cheese curds. This guide wraps all of those elements into a neat little package, and takes you to the Andersonville neighborhood which is just a short hop, skip, and jump north of the Loop. For our first stop, we are going to pick up some much needed libations. We’ll be taking our drinks with us for our entire journey so stock up at Andersonville Wine and Spirits to get this night started. This place has a gigantic selection of local and regional craft beers so I guarantee you will find what you are looking for. My 2014 summer beer of choice is Stiegl Grapefruit Radler mainly because it tastes like delicious grapefruit juice.

  2. Comic Shop

    AlleyCat Comics

    • 5304 N Clark St, Chicago, IL
    • (773) 907-3404

    Now the fun begins. With drinks in hand, we are headed 2 blocks north to Alleycat Comics. This is a hip comic book shop that is actually hidden behind a narrow alley between Starbucks and Potbellys. As you navigate through the alley it will open up to secluded outdoor patio space and a comic book shop that appears out of nowhere. The store is a converted garage with a beautiful modern design and a super friendly, super nice, and super welcoming staff behind the counter. While you could spend plenty of time browsing their selection, we’re here tonight for games. On Thursday nights from 6pm - 8pm they open up their store for game night. You can bring your own or play some of games they have on hand. You can never go wrong Settlers of Catan, which is one of the many board games they have. If you played it before, then you know a few cocktails or a cold beer only enhances the experience.

  3. Sandwich Place


    • 5419 N Clark St, Chicago, IL
    • (773) 796-3777

    If you’re like me, an intense game night sometimes turns friends into foes and foes into sworn blood enemies. But all wounds can be healed over a shared basket of fried cheese curds. So head to Jerry's which is about 2 blocks north of AlleyCat Comics to get some post-game food. Not only will the fried cheese curds help the healing process, but the meat loaf sandwich is so good that it could possibly be the key to world peace. If meatloaf isn't your thing, then I'm pretty sure at least one of the other 100+ sandwiches on the menu will make you happy. Before I forget, one of the coolest things about Jerry's is there gargantuan back patio/garden which is a perfect spot to enjoy a summer night. So fill your belly, have good laughs, and enjoy a cold one.

  4. Bar

    Farraguts on Clark

    • 5240 N Clark St, Chicago, IL
    • (773) 728-4903

    My guess is that by now you are running low on drinks, and you’re just not ready to go home yet. Well, you are in luck because we are off to our last stop before calling it a night. Head down to Farraguts, a casual neighborhood bar just a few blocks away. This place is exactly how you would imagine a neighborhood bar to look like. You have your standard cheap pints, pool, darts, and a good mix of locals. The big windows in the front of the bar open up to the sidewalk which is a nice touch on a cool summer evening. You can’t ask for much more if you are looking for a chill place to share some brews with all your pals.